I am a 2D Animation and Motion Graphics BFA Student, in the Digital Media & Design Program, at the University of Connecticut School of Fine Arts.


Ever since I can remember, I have been immersed in sea of art and creativity.  I grew up in Old Lyme, Connecticut--the picturesque birthplace of American Impressionism. As a toddler, I learned my ABC's while I watched my mother, a graphic artist, hand-letter signs and gold-leaf boat transoms. Throughout Elementary School, we took my best drawings, Model-Magic sculptures, photographs from my plastic Barbie film camera, and other creative oddities to the Hamburg Fair, to be judged. In Middle School, I experimented with videography, digital photography, screenwriting and the post-production process. The digital realm became my new canvas and I embarked on a new artistic endeavor that led me to where I am today. I co-founded Lyme-Old Lyme Middle School's Film Club and, that year, we entered a short film into a local student film festival. Later, I moved on to make more movies, take more photos and create more art at Lyme-Old Lyme High School. I also joined the student news team and assumed the role of producer during my senior year. When it was time to apply to college, I knew that I needed to pursue something creative; however, I had a hard time deciding exactly what. Initially, I wanted to go to film school, but I also craved something totally new. I am currently earning my BFA in 2D Animation and Motion Graphics at the University of Connecticut School of Fine Arts. I have a myriad of ambitions and I am looking forward to wherever my artistic journey may take me. To quote David Bowie, "I don't know where I'm going from here, but I promise it won't be boring."